Billabong School Thane

Billabong High International school is located in Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane West. Billabong is a CBSE school run by the Citizens Welfare Association and is a registered Public trust that is very dedicated and committed to providing Quality Education for Promoting Social and Cultural activities.

The Citizens Welfare Association started managing Billabong High International School from 2006. The School supply’s dynamic surroundings to kids and helps them to believe, dream and plan their future life. The Trust envisages a team of young people passing out in once a year and seeks to figure out oldsters as partners within the welfare of the school.

Billabong school’s aim is to be the foremost loved and impressed leader in education and to be the most effective management team to bring out youngsters every year. By guaranteeing the participation of all stakeholders, oldster’s directors, students and workers will produce instructional, physical, emotional, social and safe surroundings wherever the college stands as a learning organization. Billabong has a tendency to share cultural backgrounds to look after the growth, responsibility and productivity by celebrating diversity inside a positive school-wide atmosphere.

Billabong School has the following facilities:

  • Kangaroo youngsters Pre-Schools
  • Cultural and Sports Activity
  • Library and Resource Centre
  • Sand Play and Mini Swimming Pool
  • Audio Visual Room
  • Atrium
  • Transport Facility
  • Indoor Playroom
  • Medical Room
  • Cafeteria
  • Indoor Clubhouse
  • Knowledge Centre
  • Speech and Drama Room
  • Science Lab
  • Art Studio
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Music Room

Billabong’s aim is to form a purpose for learning and permit the kids to be thinkers, innovators and drawback solvers. To orchestrate experiences which will leads to a natural and integrated development of data, ability and thinking? Their vision is to develop a variety of pathways to long learning. Their belief is that; each youngster must have the chance to expertise the thrill of discovery and develop a love of learning.

Billabong High Shares a dependent relationship with Billanook school, Australia for the mutual understanding about the International Instructional Links resource sharing.

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