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Brahmala Lake

Water bodies symbolize peace and harmony. Lakes are such bodies whose site brings peace and calmness into the viewer’s life. Thane is jammed with beautiful lakes, covering huge area of the city. The residents in Thane are found enjoying themselves beside these gorgeous lakes throughout the day. These lakes are one of the best natural recreational spots in Thane. Due to the presence of more than 30 lakes in the area of Thane, every resident can find themselves close to one of these. Especially during the evening times, after the harsh afternoon sun has gone down, friends and couples choose to hangout besides the lakes.

Brahmala Lake is one the most popular lakes in Thane. Also known as Kolbad Lake, it is situated at Uthalsar. Uthalsar is located close to the Thane Station, at a distance of only 2km. Due to its close proximity to the station, people from different parts of Mumbai, come to Brahmala Lake to spend some peaceful time. Recently a jogging track has been built in the circumference of the lake. Along with recreational area, the jogging track has also made the Brahmala Lake a favorite exercising spot. The fresh air from the water body of Brahmala Lake makes exercising pleasant and refreshing. The residents are also seen here in evening times, exercising and jogging in front of the lake.

The lakes in Thane bring nature close to the residents; therefore people are choosing to settle in Thane. Also the huge infrastructural development taking place all around the city has made it a people’s choice. Thane is the perfect spot away from the crowded suburbs of Mumbai, where people can enjoy in the womb of nature. Numerous malls, apartments, commercial spaces and transportation facilities are being developed all around the city to make the lifestyle of the citizens convenient and resourceful.

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