Datiwali Lake

Datiwali Lake

A lake is an area filled with water surrounded by land from all sides. The place around the lake is very relaxing. Lakes also provide a beautiful view and are a popular refreshing spot in all parts of the world. Thane, the neighboring city of Mumbai, is a place that has numerous lakes covering up huge area of the city. The natural beauty of these lakes brings relaxation and peace in the lives of the people staying there. The lakes are also the prefect site to hang out with friends and families. The cool and soothing air from the water are very enjoyable especially in the morning and the evening times.

Datiwali Lake is one such lake in Thane that is always filled with people relaxing beside the water. Datiwali Lake covers area of 0.77 hectare and is situated very close to the east side of Diva Station, in the marshland of Ulhas River. The lake is located along the Thane Creek in Mumbra Ward Committee Area. The Ulhas River covers a huge area of 4,637 km sq. in the western part of the country originating from the valley of Rajmachi Hills.

Diva station is a junction railway station situated between Mumbra and Kopar. It is a major station in the central line of Mumbai Local Rails. Mumbra is a small suburb situated very close to Thane City. Therefore many people are observed to come to Datiwali Lake from Mumbai Suburb for refreshment. Many restaurants and eateries are present beside Datiwali Lake making it the perfect destination for hang out. Moreover, the Datiwali Lake is situated beautifully away from the busy traffic of the town, so the air is extremely fresh and refreshing around the lake. Also Datiwali Lake is surrounded by greenness making the view beautiful and enchanting.

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