Dawala Lake

Lakes are beautiful creation on Earth. The soothing water bodies are not only bliss to aquatic animals residing in them, and the thirsty terrestrial animals and birds, but also to the humans who get to enjoy the site of them. Many lakes in the country nowadays are getting polluted by the human activities. Although the Government is adopting all possible ways to stop the pollution, each individual should do its part in saving these divine locations. Thane is a city, blessed with multiple lakes. About 30 lakes of all sizes are scattered in this close neighbor of Metropolitan Mumbai. These lakes play the role of making each and every part of the city gorgeous. These lakes are the perfect natural hang out place in Thane.

Dawala Lake is one such beautiful lake in Thane. It is located at Ovala, which is a small area in Thane West. The lake covers a huge area of 1.136 hectares and is beautifully surrounded by greenery. However, the Government is concerned due to the occurrence of pollution in Dawala Lake, and is therefore taking all possible measures to reduce it. Many campaigns are being run in Thane to spread awareness about the harm that pollution can to these serene beauties and the lives residing in them.

Thane is going under extreme transformation. Many commercial and residential areas are being developed at different junctions of the city. Thane is attracting people from different parts of the country towards itself, due to the miraculous fusion of natural and manmade infrastructures that it provides. Therefore it is very essential to preserve and protect the lakes of Thane as they play the most important role of beautifying the city.

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