D’Crepes Café Thane

D’Crepes Café

Terry Joy and his uncle Joseph Thomas came together with the idea of establishing a café that sticks true to it’s name. They take pride in serving “simplicity, mobility and quality”, a statement of comfort and taste of every foodie. D’ Crepes is derived from the word crepes, a thin form of pancake that may be sweet or spicy depending on what it is served with. Crepes is a popular delicacy in France, Belgium and many parts of Europe and is enjoyed best with fillings of cheese, ham, eggs, mushrooms, ice cream and caramel. You wouldn’t find this easy in Mumbai, yet Thane has 2 branches of D’ Crepes, one at Hiranandani Meadows and recently opened one at Hiranandani Gardens.

The café offers you a plethora of finely cooked eggs, pasta, crepes (sweets and savoury), burgers, freshly tossed salads, baked to perfection mud cakes, pastries, Italian breads, Croissants, cupcakes that you can wash down with brewed coffee, smoothies and iced teas. And mind you, these are the headers, you would find a variety of flavors in the above.

D’ Crepes holds a tastefully designed, balmy ambience, absolute readers’ delight. And yes they promote reading as well. They have stacks of bestselling novel collections, you can carry along one of yours and tuck into repose, comfort food and comfort reading. The staffs are something we cannot miss out mentioning, on your visit you might be very well greeted by uncle Thomas, humble and welcoming.

With time, Thane has come up as a place that demands high investment returns and is a priority choice among end- user’s. It has been garnering attention because of it’s commendable connectivity with Western Suburbs, Ghatkopar- Mulund- Powai and Navi Mumbai via Ghodbunder Road, upcoming high- rises, townships and housing complexes that register great in-house amenities, upmarket brands flooding the city’s malls, eminent builders like the Lodha’s, Vijay’s, Wadhwa’s and Sheth’s investing on state- of- the- art infrastructure and residential projects, great eating joints, open spaces and places for entertainment, kids friendly environment, prominent schools and hospitals and several such aspects that add promising value to a family’s lifestyle.

Joints like D’ Crepes café enjoys lots of youths and family footfalls, popularity and establishment stature thanks to the increasing number of working class, students and even the self- employed flocking in. Some of the best selling items (people literally travel to hog) are the Chocolate Mud cake, Crepe Florentine, Chicken Steak Burger, Pesto Cream Chicken Ham Pasta, Cold Blueberry Cheesecake, Red Velvet (Butter Cream) Cupcake and the Mediterranean eggs. Dishy!

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