Diaghar Lake

Diaghar Lake

Diaghar Lake is one of the 30 lakes that surround the Thane city of Maharashtra. Diaghar Lake covers small region of 0.363 hectare and is located at the outskirts of Diaghar Village. Diaghar village is a part of Mumbra Ward Committee. The Diaghar Village is one of the 207 villages in Murbad Block in Thane along with other villages like Dahigaon and Palu. Diaghar Lake can be easily reached from the Deoghar Railway Station in Thane region. The village is extremely small, with the population of only about 100 people. The Diaghar village comprises of the required amenities to serve this small population. However, the Diaghar Lake attracts tourists from the neighboring towns in Thane for refreshment and relaxation. The greenness surrounding the village provide optimum pleasure to the people travelling from the rush and traffic of the cities. Diaghar Lake is one of the best locations in the outskirts of Thane to spend some quality time with close ones. Many people choose to explore Diaghar Lake during weekends and holidays for amusement purposes.

Like Diaghar Lake, all other lakes in Thane serve the purpose of bringing the artifacts of nature close to the human beings. Away from the business of the city life the lake helps the citizens unwind the busy days and busier weeks and get a much required break from the chain of stress and hard work. Lakes also provide opportunity to the citizens to spend a soothing time in the open fresh air with family and friends. The daily lives of every individual nowadays are usually spent trapped inside a shoebox size room in front of the bright computer screens. By spending time in the fresh breeze from water bodies and greenness of numerous trees around, life becomes easier and serene.

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