Diva Lake

Diva Lake

Thane is undergoing some sever transformations. Thane has transformed into a city rich with infrastructures and facilities quickly becoming a people’s favorite. A decade ago Thane was only known as city neighboring The Financial Capital of India, Mumbai, but now it has gained its own identity in all sectors. Along with all the rapid developments, the city are also has the essence of nature trapped within itself. The greenness and purity of plants, the serenity of numerous lakes, the chirruping of birds, and the vibrant colors of seasonal flowers are all a huge part of the city. All these natural and manmade factors have combined to make Thane a dream spot for living, which is attracting people from all parts of the country.

Lakes have played a major role in building up the gorgeous image of Thane in the eyes of the residence seekers. The lakes in Thane not only play the role beautifying the city but also are the most important hang out spot in the city. People of all ages and groups are found here talking, walking, laughing, eating, having quality family time or just sinking in the fresh and pure breeze from the Lake. One such lake in the Mumbra Ward Committee of Thane is Diva Lake. The small and beautiful Diva Lake is situated just outside the Diva Station, making it convenient for the visitors to find this gorgeous spot. Diva Lake is spread across an area of 0.40503 hectare and is encircled by numerous plants and trees. Standing beside the Diva Lake also gives the visitors and outlook of the development taking place in Thane. The Diva Station is a junction situated between Mumbra and Kopar, and is a major station in the central railway line of Mumbai. The Diva Lake is situated in the western part of the Diva Station.

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