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Hiranandani Foundation School

The Hiranandani Foundation School is a co-educational, English medium ICSE school based in Thane, by the Hiranandani Foundation. The target of the school is to make minds which might be crucial and which might verify and not settle for everything they’re offered; to mould students to become artistic, ingenious and innovative young men and women capable of doing new things.


  • Rajiv Gandhi award for excellence in education practices and innovation for year 2010-11
  • Best Principal award by SOF
  • Best teacher award by SOF

Hiranandani Foundation School tends to believe inculcating a way of integrity and private responsibility by sensitizing them to concepts and topics of world significance. The academics maintain casual, nevertheless disciplined, surroundings with the scholars that encourage them to place forth their concepts and opinions while not the concern of being censured.

Hiranandani Foundation School has the intention of providing education as well as not to put restricttions of any kind. Hiranandani Foundation School has got the state of the art infrastructure. The well aired and bright school rooms offer the mandatory atmosphere for energizing the young minds of the future. The playgrounds that surround the faculty permit the scholars to channelize their energies and supply holistic development of their minds and bodies.

The schools aim is to associate all spherical character formation of its students and therefore the development of correct attitudes. Student’s are inspired to participate in activities that broaden their interests, that discover their latent abilities and develop in them solidarity. Consciously or unconsciously students absorb an excellent deal from these activities and within the great examination of life, this additional assimilation’s that speak of a faculty’s price.

Hiranandani Foundation School is one of the best schools in Thane for your young child to become a hero.

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