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History Of Thane City

‘Aparant’ was the ancient name of the region hosting as Thane town. During the Indian expedition of the Greek Emperor Alexander, variety of philosophers, historians and geographies visited India. Among them a Greek philosopher ‘Ptolemy’ has mentioned regarding town of Thane in his writing. A noted sailor named Marcopolo had additionally visited Thane in 1290 A.D and noted it to be one in all the simplest cities in the world. An area referred to as ‘Ghodbunder’ was noted for horse commercialism therefore accounts its name from the word Ghoda i.e. horse and bunder which means port. Throughout this era a cloth referred to as ‘Tansi’ was exported from Thane. Throughout the amount from thirteen A.D. to 17 A.D., the Muslims, Portuguese, Marathas and many nation dynasties dominated Thane. From 810 A.D. to 1260 A.D. the Shilahar kinfolk dominated over Thane.

The Emperors of Shilahar kinfolk were disciples of Lord Shiva and also the Kopineshwar Temple has been designed throughout their reign. Throughout this era, because of the profane angle and tolerance of Shilahars towards completely different religions and variety of communities like Parsi, Christians, Muslims and Jews settled down in Thane. At now the Shilahars in addition divided city into utterly totally different sections and named them as ‘Padas’.

The first railway train was started on 16th April, 1853 from Borobudur to Thane, giving Thane the honor of hosting a historical importance over the town. The year 1880 The Thane Borough Municipality spent Rs. 12,960/- on construction of the Bokhara Lake, to form use of the lake water for drinking purpose. This prestigious project was inaugurated by the then Governor of city, Sir Ferguson James. The primary election of the Municipality was conducted in the year 1885. The first newspaper in Thane was launched in the year 1866. After Independence, Thane has developed in leaps and bounds. Currently, a construction and population explosion can be observed in Thane Ghodbunder road.

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