Jijai Hospital

Jijai Hospital

Jijai Women’s Hospital is situated with a premier medical centre complex and has dedicated facility established to address the healthcare needs of society. Jijai Hospital provides with a one-stop solution to ensure that their valued customers have convenient access to the best and most cost-effective treatment in Thane city.

Jijai Hospital provides the most wide-ranging women’s health care solution for the years. They are the leading and top performing women’s hospital with highly qualified doctors. Their team work has resulted in exemplary achievements.

Some of the Service that they provide are:

  • Infertility
  • Gynaecology services
  • Endoscopy
  • Maternity


Infertility means that not having the ability to become pregnant, inside bound parameters. Infertility could be a common downside of concerning 100 percent of ladies aged fifteen to forty four.

Infertility is attributable to women (33%), the men (33%) and by each sexes or attributable to unknown issues (33%).

Infertility in men is attributable to distension, low or absent spermatozoa count, spermatozoon injury or bound diseases. Risk factors of public toilet, physiological state, embody, alcohol and drug use, toxins, smoking, age, health issues, medicines, radiation, and therapy.

Gynecology services

Gynecology covers a large variety of conditions and age, teams, from the terribly young to the older girl, and every person\’s individual circumstances are going to be totally different. All patients are going to be treated with dignity and respect the least bit stages of their treatment.


Endoscopy suggests that among the body for medical reasons follow an instrument, degree instrument accustomed examine the inside of a hollow organ or cavity of the body. Not like most totally different medical imaging devices, endoscopes unit inserted directly into the organ.


Caring for pregnant girls through a standard physiological condition and vaginal birth is a part of priority for Women Center.

Women center is devoted to serving families through excellence in personalized care. They believe the birth of your baby is one in every of the foremost vital events in a women’s life.

Our women’s hospital is standard with brilliant patient care exposé efficient and consistent health services to women and children. We offer excellent services to patients with intensive care.

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