Lodha Splendora Platino- Social Infrastructure


Lodha Splendora Platino is a locality that will take care of your family, their needs and hobbies. A house at Platino comes with its perks. With more than 50 government hospitals and more than 15 multi-specialty hospitals, you can be care-free with respect to your and your family’s health.  Jupiter hospital, Hiranandani Hospital, E. S. I. S. hospital, are all close by and with exceptional medicinal facilities.

Good medical facilities are not the only thing you get, good schools and humongous malls are a part of the package too! Big Mega Mart, Hyper City, D-Mart will reduce your daily shopping worries while Viviana Mall, Korum Mall and Eternity Mall will quench you thirst for entertainment.

There is one thing that is at even higher priority-Educational facilities. With more than 60 ICSC, CBSC and IB schools in the vicinity, education will never be compromised. Also, more than 5 engineering colleges have made higher education less hectic.

At Lodha Splendora, we don’t compromise on your happiness and your needs.

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