Lodha Splendora Platino-Sports Facities


A house should give you everything that you ask for. Guess what, Platino has got it for you. Lavish homes, green open spaces, indoor luxuries and now, we have even got outdoor games facilities for you.

Lodha Splendora’s Platino is fully equipped with multipurpose courts for volleyball, badminton and tennis. Not only this, we also have a cricket pitch and a football ground for you and your kids to play on. Still not satisfied because you’re an athletics lover? We got hat covered too. With an 800m Jogging track, you can always practice your sport or you can use it keep yourself healthy. Who knew exercise would be so much fun?

While all these facilities stay put, you might be busy at work and might not be able to make full use of these. Night play facilities have been made available for all the nightingales so that everyone can enjoy t their own time and comfort. With these many facilities, you’re bound to find your dream home in Platino!



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