Lodha World School

Lodha World School

The Lodha World School (LWS) – established under the Lodha Group’s guiding principles is a network of educational institutions that aims to create “Leaders of Tomorrow” by sowing the seeds of quality education and ethical values in young minds of today. Lodha World School is located in Thane City and Palava City.  Lodha World School offer ICSE curriculum to over 2000 students from kindergarten to STD X. Lodha world school focuses on improvement of knowledge, communication skills, serious thinking and self-reliance, which are essential to the development of effective leaders.

The curriculum widens to include subjects like History, Geography, Sciences, Languages and Mathematics and other optional subjects and electives.  Extra curriculum like Yoga, Art, Music and Sports are also a part of the school program.  Lodha world school provides laboratory works, research projects, audio visual media, library activities and smart board facility etc. School also offers many competitive exams like Asset, Olympiad, NTSE, MCAS, STAR.

Lodha World School in Thane City was established in 1980, privately held in Lodha group is India’s No 1 property developer and amongst the worlds chooses international property developers with presence in India and UK. Lodha group has undertaken many projects like Lodha Luxuria, Lodha Splendora, Lodha Aristo, Lodha Grandezza, Lodha Supremus, and Lodha Luxuria Priva in Thane City. This group is presently developing an estimated forty three million sq ft of prime property with the most important land reserves in MMR, and has twenty eight in progress comes across London, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. Lodha group is one among the most important employers in urban center with over 3,800 direct associates and over 25,000 workmen at its sites. It is the most important technical workforce in real estate and comprising over 1,800 dedicated construction force. This group is additionally the most important B-school recruiter having recruited more than three hundred graduates.

Lodha World School has many achievements some of them are The TRICKS championship is an All India Robotics competition held at IIT Bombay every year. Lodha world school faculty members are well skilled and trained staffs with ample opportunities to upscale their skills and knowledge for professional enhancement.

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