Mamledar Misal

Mamledar Misal

Mamledar Misal has been among the simplest misals within the Thane City. The dish is eaten up for breakfast or as a noon snack or meal. It remains a really standard snack since it is simple to create, is comparatively low cost and has sensible biological process price. Misal means mixture. It’s hot and delicious. However you will be able to prepare it gentle conjointly. Misal is extremely spicy hot and served with pav (Buns).

There are differing kinds of Misal in geographical area like:

  • Kolhapuri Misal,
  • Khandeshi Misal,
  • Puneri Misal,
  • Mamledar Misal,
  • Dahi Misal & so on.

No matter what the variant, in general, a misal can have one thing referred to as “usal” as its base, this is often a dish roasted with safed vatana (dried white peas), matki (sprouted \’moth\’ bean) and chawli (black-eyed beans). Puneri misal or Kolhapur misal are Maharashtra’s most popular misal breakfast dish and a much admired street food.

Thane West which is famous for their signature Misal called as “Mamledar Misal. Actually it is not the real name of their combined. The actual name of the joint is “Shri Upahargruha”. If you ask anyone near Thane station about “Shri Upahargruha” people won’t recognize but if you ask where the “Mamledar Misal” joint is, then people will instantly guide you with the location. The name Mamledar is mainly because this joint is right next to Mamledar Kacheri, and it gained its reputation of serving the best spicy Misal on the basis of their quality & taste.

They serve the Mamledar Misal in three spicy levels;

  • Non spicy
  • Medium Spicy
  • Spicy (They take the term spicy very seriously)

One can also enjoy Buttermilk (chaas), Lassi or even tea along with the Misal. The nicer part is that all dishes are moderately rated and inexpensive. The fact is that mamledar misal have loyal set of customers who have been visiting the place from their childhood.

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