Nitin Company

NITIN Company

NITIN Company is a manufacturer of High alloy steel casting that is done by centrifugal and static process. They also work at assemblies consisting of Cast and Wrought products like Reformer tubes, Furnace rollers, Retorts, Cracking coils etc. The company runs under the mission of making each product valuable and of excellent quality at affordable prices. Every client is treated equally at NITIN Company. NITIN commits equal energy, skill and attention to every client. The delivery of all the products is done timely and good consistent quality is maintained. The reputation of the company is on a rise due to its sheer dedication, honesty and integrity towards work.

NITIN Company was established in 1998 at Silvaasa, which is situated 150 km away from Mumbai. The NITIN Company respects all the working members and rewards them fruitfully for gaining excellence in their designated posts.  The company hugely cares about the safety of each and every worker. The team at NITIN Company is filled with experienced members working everyday diligently for the betterment of the clients. All the posts at NITIN Company are handled by deserving candidates with optimum work experience. The company does not strive to become the top most in the casting business in India, but to deliver the best in every opportunity it gets. Satisfaction of the customers is the priority.

Two branches of NITIN Company are present in Maharashtra. The registered office is in Andheri, Mumbai and the main corporate office is in Thane. The corporate office present in Thane West is the place where majority of work gets done. Both the branches work hard to give the best product and services to the clients. NITIN is one of rare companies in India which has taken the path of honesty and integrity to gain success and move forward.

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