Thane Garden

Parks and Lakes in Thane

Thane includes a glorious topography with the pleasing lakes, stunning forts and historical monuments. Thane conjointly includes a giant kind of flora and fauna and has several stunning and charming parks. Be it each day to require a jog or evening walk, or sit without a sound to examine your favorite book or maybe for each day out with friends and family, we tend to enlist the parks and recreational places for you.

Thane attracts tourists from everywhere the in Mumbai thanks to its natural beauty and also Thane creek. This district is choked with lakes. Thane the city of Lakes has around thirty lakes. The foremost lovely of them is the Masunda Talao, additionally referred to as Talao Pali. The lake offers boating and sea scooter facilities. A number of lakes present are Upvan Lake, Tansa Lake, Kacharali Talao, Makhamali Talao, Siddheshwar Talao, Bramhala Talao, Ghosale Talao, Railadevi Talao etc. Upvan Lake is very close to projects like Acme Ozone, Dosti Vihar and Dosti Imperia.

Masunda Lake can be reached in 15 to 20 minutes from any location of Thane city, it gives shade to tired people who wants to relax at lake side for a while before going ahead and is one of the favorites among families who comes to Masunda for hangout & leisure in evening times. Thane also serves as an outlying suburb of Mumbai. A significant portion of the population of Thane moved in the region after the freedom of India and provides a unique cultural blend to the area.

A huge statue of Hindi god, Lord Hanuman is also present at the center of the Talao Pali. The myriad vary of activities like boating and water scooters for the attracted visitors make this lake greatly well-liked among tourists. It’s a desired resort for couples and families. If you propose to pay it slow in absolute peace and tranquility then you must definitely think about visiting this destination.

In Thane parks are gorgeous and attractive. But the term park does not necessarily mean that there would be only ordinary parks, there are quite a number of amusement and fantasy parks here as well which has made Thane a very popular place for parks and fun places. Here is list of Parks in Thane Sarvodaya Udyan, Niranjan Dalmia Udyan, Taraporwala Udyan, Ramabai Ambedkar Udyan, Mahatma Gandhi Udyan, Vrundavan Society Garden, Children’s Park, Jijau Udyan, Lokmanya Tilak Udyan.

The Thane Park has been rated united of the foremost widespread and well complete parks to exist within the state of Maharashtra. The green landscapes, clean land, stunning structures, the lush green lands, trees, shrubs and bushes make the park a stunning place to go to it. Not simply the character, however additionally the elephant ride appearance lovely and engaging.

The Thane parks are a favorite among the children and have hundreds of them coming every day. It looks the best at night, especially when the small water pool develops small fountains and it begins to flame below the lights. The park and Lakes in Thane city is great for those who are looking for a great evening outside with family and friends.

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