Piramal Vaikunth- Paving a better path

Piramal Vaikunth is the brand new creation by the alleged real estate builder Piramal Realty. The proficient architectonics in this project is being done by using the latest technologies and hence, is considered to be the most commendable address offering absolute delight to each and every resident.

The construction of this luxe project is extensively spread further than wide acres of land having most charismatic greenery that is entirely spread all through till your eyes can grasp. Piramal Vaikunth is appropriately located in Balkum and enjoys close immediacy to all social facilities.Spreading over 32 acres of land, Vaikunth is one of the cautiously and prudently planned project that is bejeweled with all the accelerating features of ultra-Avant garden era, enabling you to sense the uniqueness as well as character at every end.

Keeping in view the project’s highlights and surprising novelty for the buyers, Vaikunth allows you to lead life more promisingly in the most comfortable manner witnessing the most international level facilities allowing you to feel altered from the idyllic living.

Piramal Group is one of the most trusted Real Estate brand that has its presence across 30 international grounds across the world. The group introduced its new division of working unit that predominantly focusses on the infrastructural development operations and came to be known as Piramal Realty. The company entered into the industry with the vision to seize the top position among the reputed real estate developers of the country.



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