Splendora Platino- Stay close to the nature


A house in Lodha Splendora comes with its perks. While you get the lavish lifestyle, we made sure you don’t lose the natural touch to that lifestyle. Outdoors at Platino will take your breath away. With around 1 lakh square feet of central greens, you’ll never want to go back into a closed cubicle. Themed gardens and beautiful lily ponds will be your place to relax.

A busy week at work can make you all cranky. A solution is available for that too. Instead of travelling long distances for a hassle-free weekend, we have provided Picnic spots and pavilions for you right at home. So no need to worry about anything, you can rejuvenate in your complex itself!

Platino also gives you a chance to open up in front of the culturally rich audience at the Open Air Amphitheatre. And while culture is given so much of importance, we did not forget to make sure your cultural values are being respected. A Ganesh Temple has been built right in the middle of Splendora’s Platino to make you feel at home with GanpatiBappa.


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