Thane Creek

Thane Creek

The beautiful triangular land of Thane, situated to the north eastern side of the city of Mumbai is a true blessing of the Mother Nature. Splendid spread of hills, serene views of lakes, vivid enchanting gardens and parks cover every part of the city, making it a glimpse of heaven on the face of Earth. Today, the development of the city is being made in every aspect to make it a successful commercial as well as residential area. The land of Thane that provides the right blend of man-made and natural artifacts will very soon emerge as one of the most developed and attractive cities in the country.

Thane Creek is one of the natural beauties that Thane city has got. Thane Creek is present at the shoreline of the famous Arabian Sea and separates Mumbai City from the mainland of India. The creek covers the area between Mumbra Retibunder and Mankhurd-Vashi Bridge, and is divided into two parts. The first part of the creek lies between Ghodbunder and Thane, which emerges from Ulhas River and flows to the Arabian Sea joining the northern part of Mumbai to the west. The other part lies between Thane City and Arabian Sea, right before the Gharapuri islands.

The history of the formation of Thane creek is dedicated to seismic faults lying below the land of Uran and Thane. In the history Thane Creek was of great importance. Thane being the capital of Sheelakhar kingdom, majority of the trade occurred through the Arabian Sea. The Thane Creek hence played the important role of connecting the kingdom to Arabian Sea in those days. Now, the Thane Creek is a beautiful tourist spot and also the home to numerous native bird species. Flamingoes and other migratory birds are popularly spotted here.

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