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Upvan Arts Festival

Art is one’s figments of imagination. The artist dreams and then, paints the dream. In current times and state of life, very little do we get to adore or acknowledge this winsome piece of creativity called art. A good city is one with which we grow, explore and perform along. It’s untrue that Mumbai, regarded as one of the busiest city, doesn’t care about art. The legacies of National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) and Kala Ghoda has virtuously seeped into Thane city with Upvan Arts Festival, a 1 week festival hosted by Upvan Art Foundation at Upvan Lake bringing together Performing and Visual arts on one platform.

The festival garners footfalls of 12000 people, flocking in to explore Fusion art, Pottery & Ceramics, Wearable art, Woven art, handicrafts, Paintings & Portraits that are put up for exhibition cum sale. UAF accommodates over 300 stalls, hosts live performances with stalls showcasing Culinary arts that sell delectable meals to the audience, over 100+ artists perform and create showcasing masterpieces by the breathtaking view of Upvan lake. It just gets better every year with uninterrupted enthusiasm of the organizers, more and more sponsors, eager audience and multitude of creativity.

The festival has been aiming to attract national and international visitors, promote art and culture, nurture the creativity of budding artist as well the veterans,  induce the fulcrum of intellectual aspects, add on to Thane’s livability, unite the neighborhood and of course, promise unlimited entertainment.

UAF articulates Culinary arts with National, Italian, Chinese and Continental cuisine, Ice cream making, bakery and ‘Zero Mile food’ (food made out of local grown ingredients). Numerous schools, colleges, organizations, NGOs and art lovers from across the city travel down to Thane experience the work of the artists and their excellence. The fest generally happens in the beginning of every year, sending out positive vibes, a boost of balance between the logical world and thinker’s paradise.

Upvan has been attracting media attention from prominent dailies and entertainment channels. If you are an artist you can login to the organization’s website and make prior slot bookings, if you are an enthusiastic audience, just make sure you have the itinerary in place for a week during the fest with your friends, family, peers and loved ones.

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